Mission // Vision

The Academy of Moon Science is an international and interdisciplinary research community dedicated to documenting, archiving, unfolding, and expanding upon understandings related to the Moon. The Academy approaches learning holistically and is founded on the theory that “empirical knowledge” should not be privileged over belief, folklore, ancient wisdoms or emergent creative expression. Our research methodologies emphasize source diversity: all sources are considered equally valuable. NASA scientists, Mother Goose, and Grandparents all have important contributions to this study. Subjects of inquiry include but are not limited to the life story of the moon, knowledge/belief about the moon, the nature of the relationship between earth dwellers and moon, moon inhabitants, the natural history of the moon, and the moon’s own knowledge and wisdom.

The Academy of Moon Science functions as the most prolific archive of documented Moon understanding existing today, and as the only institute which dedicates itself to the Moon’s own telling of her/his/its story. Our prestigious institute of scholarship draws upon the methodologies of ethnography, astronomy, oral history, personal narrative, performance studies, fine and folk art. AMS aims to promote education and creativity by building an evolving, accessible, multimedia, living archive. By juxtaposing incongruent ideas through the archive AMS promotes an environment for pattern finding and analysis that transforms perspectives and invokes a sense of wonder (reminiscent Cabinets of Curiosities popular in the 16th and 17th centuries).

Current goals:

  1. To build up the living archive digitally via this blog as an educational document and source of inspiration for new projects/endeavors in moon science.
  2. To recruit contributors and research fellows.
  3. To create a semi-annual zine style publication spotlighting new projects at AMS.

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